Welcome to the 75th Philosophers’ Carnival. Doesn’t 75 seems like a number worthy of celebration? I thought so, and so I’ve been working quickly for the last month to make sure that I would have a special treat for everyone. It’s in the bonus section at the end.

Metaphilosophy and Metaethics

  1. Chris Hallquist presents What Richard Chappell is Wrong About and responds to an earlier request from Richard to have his readers to tell him what assumptions he generally makes that they disagree with. Posted at The Uncredible Hallq.
  2. In Moral Experts Richard links to an article that answers the question: Who’s To Say What’s Right or Wrong? Answer: Professional philosophers, that’s who. Posted at Philosophy, et cetera.

Philosophy of Mind

  1. Adam Taylor serves up a dual-dose of some interesting discussions on dualism with Spliting Up (Brains) is Hard To Do and Dualism and the Problem of Interaction – both posted at Buffalo Lake-Effect Philosophy.
  2. Gualtiero Piccinini throws out a bleg and asks What’s New and Exciting About Computationalism? The excitement isn’t in the post; it’s in the comments. Posted at Brains.
  3. Alrenous presents The Mind Node in an attempt to explicate a non-physical account of the mind. Posted at Accepting Ignorance.

Philosophy of Religion

  1. Enigman examines an attempt to use liar-like sentences to argue against the existence of God in Liars, Divine Liars, and Semantics over at Enigmania.
  2. Justin reviews Paul Davies book The Goldilocks Enigma at Panexperientialism and offers a Panexperientialist account of fine-tuning.
  3. Jeremy Pierce is working on a piece for a Blackwell Series on Harry Potter and Philosophy. His post on the paper is Prophecy in Harry Potter. The paper title is “Destiny in Harry Potter”Check it out at The Prosblogion.

Political Philosophy/Applied Ethics

  1. People who don’t pay taxes because they don’t want to support the military may get a bit uncomfortable after reading Joseph Orosco’s The Military-Industrial Complex and You – you may support the military in more ways than you thought. Posted at Engage: Conversations in Philosophy.
  2. Thom Brooks presents offers up a critical review of a recent report called “Engaging Citizens to Fight Crime” in hopes that it can help the government fight crime in More Public Justice? Part II posted at The Brooks Blog.

Sympoze Bonus!
I started a social-bookmarking site for philosophers two weeks ago called Sympoze. We already have 50 philosophers signed up with user accounts! I thought it would be fun to post 5 of the top blog entries ranked by Sympoze users since the website launched.

  1. Tips on Publishing as a Graduate Student posted at Brains.
  2. Questions from a New Journal Referee posted at Leiter Reports.
  3. Against (Armchair) Metaphysics posted at The Splintered Mind.
  4. Experimental Philosophy on Bank Cases and Pragmatic Encroachment posted at Certain Doubts.
  5. A Poor Man’s Pragmatic Encroachment posted at PEA Soup.

(Here’s a link to The Highest Ranked Posts)

About Sympoze
is a social-bookmarking/content promotion site for philosophers. It’s is a great way for professional philosophers to share, rank, and promote online philosophy content. Here’s more information about Sympoze and how to get involved.

If you’re a professional philosophers or graduate student and you want an account just email me. Once you have an account, submitting and voting is easy.

The End
That’s it for the carnival. Thanks for reading. The next Philosophers’ Carnival will be hosted at Think It Over.

4 Responses to “75th Philosophers’ Carnival”

  1. Enigman

    Thanks for including my post. Incidentally I informed some philosophers over here about Sympoze via the following:

  2. Jeremy Pierce

    Actually, the chapter I’m writing for the Harry Potter book is called “Destiny in Harry Potter”. The part of it that I wrote about in this post was about prophecy in particular, so the post was called that. But the chapter in the book will cover several other issues.

  3. Andrew Cullison


    Sorry about that. It’s fixed. I had originally intended to say ‘the post is called Prophecy in Harry Potter’ – I’ve changed it and added more clarification.


    Thank you. It was a good read. And thanks for the sympoze plug. We just surpassed 60 users.

  4. Carnival Thoughts : Mormon Metaphysics

    […] the Carnival. I really liked Enigmania’s post on the liar paradox as a problem for omniscience. I think […]

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