Journal Surveys

This page is designed for philosophers to collectively gather useful information about philosophy journals. I discuss the project more here.

Click on a journal below to fill out a brief  survey regarding your most recent submission to that journal or simply to see the results of all the surveys for that journal.

(You can read some miscellaneous notes about the project at the bottom of this page.)

List of Journals

Some Notes:

  1. Want a Journal Added to the List?
    Just post the name here, and I’ll get it up
  2. Errors You’ll See That We Don’t Need to Worry About
    You’ll see some #DIV/0 errors on a lot of these. That’s because the cell is missing some data it needs to perform some calculation. Once philosophers submit surveys (or I import data from the Philosophy Journal Wiki) those will go away.
  3. Surveys Are Ready To Start Receiving Your Data
    Even though I’m still ironing things out, the tables below are ready for data to be entered (even the journals that I haven’t imported philosophy journal wiki information from). So go ahead and start submitting those surveys.
  4. What if my paper has been accepted, but hasn’t been published?
    Submit the survey up to and including the Final Verdict entry. Leave the “Time from Acceptance to Publication” field blank. Later, when your paper is published, come back and fill out a new survey. Leave ALL entries blank (except for the required fields and the “Time from Acceptance to Publication” field).
  5. Philosophy Journal Wiki Imports Will Happen Soon
    I thought it was best to get the surveys up and start collecting new data as soon as possible. So my priority is to get all of the survey/data tables up. After they’re up and functioning properly, I’ll come back and import the philosophy journal wiki data.
  6. Coming Soon: Password Protection
    A very easy password protection will be happening soon. Simple instructions for the password will be placed at the top of this page so that human philosophers can easily figure it out, but spam bots cannot.
  7. Blank Spaces in the Raw Data Table
    Those blank spaces are there because of the tables on the far right of the raw data table that I set up to run calculations. Because there are entries in those first 25  rows on the far right, the survey skips over those row. Raw data from the surveys starts about 25 rows down on the raw data table. When you submit your survey, rest assured that the data is in the data table. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the data table if you want to verify that your survey was entered in. I use the blank spaces for Phil Wiki Imports so you’ll know when a survey has data imported from the Philosophy Journal Wiki.
  8. Gender/Race Questions Not in A Few Journals
    When I first started testing this out, I didn’t have race/gender questions in the surveys. If you notice that a survey doesn’t have those questions, it’s because you’re looking at one of the journals surveys I set up in the early rounds of testing. I’ll be going back and fixing this soon.
  9. Coming Soon: Quick Reference Sheet
    It’s going to be a pain to click through all of the journal pages to see if they’ve been updated. I’ll be offering up a few ways for users to quickly see which journals have data and which journals have been updated recently.
  10. Start submitting those surveys! And start spreading the word!
  11. If you want to leave any feedback, you can leave on this journal survey page. Or you can email me.