My primary philosophical interests are in epistemology, ethics, meta-ethics, metaphysics, philosophy of language, and philosophy of religion.


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Refereed Presentations

  • “Phenomenal Conservatism” Purdue Summer Seminar on Knowing in Religion and Morality”, June 2011
  • “A Defense of Phenomenal Conservatism,” Pacific APA, March 2006
  • “Privileged Access, Externalism, and Ways of Believing,” Pacific APA, March 2005
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  • “A Generality Problem for Evidentialism,” Mid-South Philosophy Conference, February 2003
  • “Kenotic Christology and Disjunctive Properties,” Society of Christian Philosophers Eastern Regional Meeting, November 2002

Invited Presentations

  • “Phenomenal Conservatism and Religious Epistemology,” West Virginia University, October 2013
  • “Two New Versions of Skeptical Theism,” Pepperdine University, March 2012
  • “The Evidentialist Lessons of Fake Barn Country,” University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, March 2012
  • “Comments on ‘Slote’s Moral Phenomenology'” Pacific APA, 2012
  • “Descriptivism Meets Gettier,”  University of Buffalo, March 2011
  • “Descriptivism Meets Gettier,” University of Rochester, Keynote at Sixth Biennial Graduate Epistemology Conference, October 2010
  • “Descriptivism Meets Gettier,” Northwestern University, April 2009
  • “Epistemic Circularity,” West Virginia University Undergraduate Philosophy Conference Keynote, April 2008
  • “A Defense of Phenomenal Conservatism,” SUNY-Buffalo, May 2008
  • “Comments on ‘Fragile Events and the Causal Relation,’” Pacific APA 2008
  • “Comments on ‘Moral Realism and Ways of Life,’” Central APA 2008
  • “The Problem of Divine Hiddenness,” DePauw University, October 2007
  • “Three Millian Ways to Resolve an Open Question,” University of Manitoba, November 2006
  • “Three Millian Ways to Resolve an Open Question,” Western Washington University, January 2007
  • “Three Millian Ways to Resolve an Open Question,”SUNY-Fredonia, February 2007
  • “Three Millian Ways to Resolve an Open Question,”West Virginia University, February 2007
  • “A (Reluctant) Defense of the Singer Solution to World Poverty,” University of Manitoba, Ethics Centre, November 2006
  • “Philosophy of Education,” Faculty Development Program: Teaching Scholars Program, West Virginia University, September 2006
  • “Comments on ‘Favoring, Polarity, and Particularism,’” Central APA, March 2006
  • “Ethics in Research,” Faculty Development Program: Teaching Scholars Summer Institute, West Virginia University, June 2006
  • “Inference to the Best Explanation,” University of Rochester, College Writing Program, May 2005
  • “The Ethics of Abortion,” University of Rochester, PHL Council, November 2004
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  • “Harmless Wrongdoing and Abortion,” SUNY-Geneseo, February 2004
  • “Plato and the Republic,” Guest Lecturer, SUNY-Geneseo, February 2003
  • “Comments on Daniel Cheung’s ‘Proper Functionalism, Reliabilism and Idiosyncratic Cognition,’” University of Rochester Graduate Epistemology Conference, November 2002