Here I have several resources that I provide for the philosophical and broader academic community. I hope you’ll find some of them useful. Enjoy!

Academy Geeks

In 2010, I started a company called Academy Geeks. One of our primary goals is to serve academia with innovative technology products. One of our main services is Android for Academics, a suite of productivity apps for teachers and professors on the Android Platform. We also launched a casual game called Paper Samuraibecause even academics need to relax and do something fun every once and awhile.

Young Philosophers

I am the creator and current director of the Young Philosophers Video Lecture Series, which is designed to promote/showcase recent Ph.Ds. in philosophy. You can check out the website here.

Journal Surveys

I recently put together a journal survey service to help address some issues that philosophers had with the original philosophy journal wiki. All information concerning this project is located on my journal survey page. The primary purpose of this service is to help philosophers gather useful information about the journals in our field by submitting a very brief survey each time they receive a verdict on a paper submission. Overtime we should have useful information about review times, acceptance rates, quality of referee feedback and much more. I’ve averaged about 5-10 surveys each day since I started the survey, so the data is already (I think) starting to be a bit useful.

Why Major in Philosophy? (Handouts)

Over the past few years, I created and polished some handouts to give to my students in who ask about majoring in philosophy. I also use these at majors information day fairs. It didn’t make sense to have this filed away on my computer, so I thought I’d post PDFs of everything on a page. Here’s the page.

Epistemology Journal Mashup

I created a mashup that screens some of the top philosophy journals for epistemology keywords. The most recent outputs are listed below.


Metaphysics Journal Mashup

I created a mashup that screens some of the top philosophy journals for common metaphysics keywords. The most recent outputs are listed below. Unfortunately, keywords in metaphysics tend to bring up more non-metaphysics papers than I would like.

Philosophy BibTeX files

Philosophy Journals

  1. Australasian Journal of Philosophy (1998-2008)
  2. Mind (1975-2008)
  3. Nous (1997-2008)
  4. Philosophical Review (2000-2008)
  5. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (1960-2008)